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Julia wears the Berlin dress in Coral, other bridesmaids wear styles similar to the Soho Jumpsuit in Oyster and the Florence dress in Coral.


Long gone are the days when the invitation to be your best friend’s bridesmaid came with a sense of impending doom at the monstrosity of a non-flattering dress you might have been expected to wear. The modern day bridesmaid has so many more choices and will no longer have to down a few pre-ceremony proseccos just to brave the congregation. So, what exactly is the coolest way to do bridesmaids dressing, I hear you ask? Read on, for having dressed thousands of beautiful bridesmaids, we are the experts…



Bridesmaids wear the Vienna and Mykonos dresses in Oyster. Photography @benjaminwheeler

Do you really believe that all of your adult bridesmaids (women who have spent the last few decades of their lives forming their individual sense of identity and style) are going to even entertain the thought of wearing a matching dress with five other women? And a dress that they (probably) didn’t choose? No, they aren’t. The answer? Mix and match your bridesmaids styles and let your best girls choose which silhouette and colour is going to make them feel most awesome. Not only will this make for way more exciting wedding photos, but your bridesmaids will actually like you, no sorry, love you for it.

Lauren’s girls wear the Mykonos dress, Havana top & skirt, Tokyo dress, Florence dress and Vienna dress in Chianti. Photography by @krishanthiphoto



Yes – we know we said the coolest way to wear bridesmaids dresses but we happen to be massive fans of a bridesmaid jumpsuit. Does it take longer to go to the toilet in? Yes. Is it worth the extra undressing time? Absolutely. Will your best girl feel like a proper rock-star wearing one on your big day? 100%.

Jessica’s girls wear the Vienna dress, Soho jumpsuit and Provence top and skirt (in background) in Bluebell. Photography by @benjaminstuartphotograhy



Like a beautifully sweet sounding harmony, there is nothing more satisfying than a group of dresses in tonal hues of the same colour. Whether a blend of dusky grey, pale pink and antique rose or rich forest green and minty marine we couldn’t sing the praises for tonal dressing more enthusiastically.

Ashleigh’s girls wear the Vienna and Berlin dresses in Heather, Concrete and Oyster colours. Photography by @newforeststudio



Not only is a bridesmaids dress or jumpsuit you can imagine wearing again clearly a winner already, but it’s way more sustainable too (no-one likes throwaway attire.) Look for great quality, contemporary pieces that could be transformed by shortening into a great midi-length party dress post-wedding.You will probably have put a heel through the bottom of the dress anyway.

Bridesmaid wears the Mykonos dress in Oyster. Photography @nigeljohn_com

Ready for more inspiration? Browse our bridesmaids dresses, or let us inspire you over on Instagram.

Welcome to Hackney Wick – home to the Rewritten flagship store and packed with some of the most excellent bars, restaurants and cafes that London has to offer. We are well aware of how difficult it can be to get all of your bridesmaids in one place, so whether you are looking for the perfect pre-appointment brunch spot, post-appointment beer and pizza or a light lunch bite – we have the lowdown on where to go in the area.




Located next to Hackney Wick station Crate Brewery serves the most delicious stone-baked pizzas alongside a fantastic beer selection (and wine too if beer isn’t your thing) everyday from 12pm. In summer there is no greater spot than on one of their benches by the River Lea or if you are feeling adventurous jump aboard the Alfred Le Roy cocktail boat for espresso martini’s and charcuterie. Try the truffle and sage pizza, trust us, it is epic.




A stones throw from the Rewritten showroom, Barge East is an 114 year old Dutch barge serving locally sourced small plate dishes in the warm and cosy inside dining space (there is a log fire, how cute is that) or overlooking the Olympic village from the outdoor deck. The barge is also draped in fairy lights come evening so it looks pretty damn magical on a winters evening. Open for brunch on Saturdays and dinner and drinks throughout the week.




This canal-side bar and kitchen has an excellent cocktail list and flies the flag for local artists with a small in-house arts space and revolving roster of guest DJs. Located close to Hackney Wick, team Rewritten are big fans of Number 90, we even celebrated Ana’s (our Head of CS) 30th birthday there. It was raucous. Serving food daily between 12pm and 9.30pm.




Stour Space Café & Bar is located opposite the Rewritten showroom and has the loveliest indoor cafe and outdoor terrace overlooking the River Lea canal, opposite the Olympic Stadium. The brunch is excellent (try the bacon sarnie) and they do great coffee, wine, beer and cocktails. A non-profit, socially minded organisation, Stour Space is also a revolving exhibition space with all cafe and bar profits reinvested into the running of the venue.





Next door to Crate Brewery, the tank bar at Howling Hops is exceptionally cool – rows of beer tanks are displayed behind the bar and you can dine out on whatever restaurant pop-up is in residence (currently excellent Colombian food – the gluten-free Arepas are to die for) while sitting on long benches. Known to be a bit of a party spot, this late-night venue gets pretty wild later at night with guest DJs and even some table top dancing. They also serve wine and spirits for those non beer drinkers out there.




A ten minute walk from Rewritten, London’s famous Breakfast Club has multiple locations but our favourite has to be the canal-side Hackney eatery. Forming part of the innovative Here East campus (there are oodles of restaurants and bars here including a great Vegan place called Mother so check them out), the Breakfast Club is famous for its breakfast burritos, salted margaritas and bold decor. Call us crazy but we think it is entirely appropriate to eat breakfast at any time of the day, why not do so while sitting on the Hackney Riviera?




This award-winning sustainable seafood restaurant by super talented chef Tom Brown serves up simple but sophisticated sharing plates that change daily. An open kitchen, marble-topped bar and Michelin star quality food make Cornerstone a must for all fancy food lovers and would be a great place for a slap up meal post appointment.


We have literally just scratched the surface of how much this exciting and eclectic borough has to offer but hope we have given you a taste for more. Now what are you waiting for? Book an appointment to come and see us!! Quite frankly, it would be rude not to.



Rust orange leaves, vividly coloured fireworks and red wine galore – Autumn is officially here and to celebrate we have put together some tantalising jewel tone mood boards. Crack out those Pinterest boards ladies, its time to get winter wedding planning 🍁

The Pinks – Coral & Heather 💫
Shop by Pinks

The Reds & Purples – Chianti & Blackcurrant  💫
Shop by Reds & Purples

The Greens & Blues – Forest & Ink  💫
Shop by Greens & Blues 

Love, Rewritten X

We regularly get calls from our wonderful customers – sometimes in a small panic – as one of their bridesmaids has just announced their pregnancy or they are looking for a dress to fit their breastfeeding pal who has just given birth. Whilst babies are obvious fabulous news we understand that it can be tricky when trying to find that perfectly fitting bridesmaids dress. Fear not, this happens ALL OF THE TIME and the good news is that you can rock one of our dresses just as easily whether bump or sans bump. As (we like to think) experts in this field here are a few tips on finding the ideal style for you 

As bloody obvious as it sounds, when looking for a dress to fit your pregnant bridesmaid look for something loose fitting at the waist – a wrap style dress is a fantastic option as it can be tightened or loosened as much as necessary. Our Florence and Tokyo wrap dresses lend themselves excellently as maternity bridesmaids styles as they wrap to cover any bump perfectly. Depending on your due date and increased bust we would usually recommend ordering 1 -2 sizes up from your normal size.  Plus, a wrap dress is perfect for easy access breastfeeding, as is our Seville dress with its shoulder ties. 

Another style that works really well is empire line as the waist seam sits just under the bust and above the bump. Try our Mykonos dress for a modern take on the traditional empire line dress with cold shoulders sleeves and waist darts that allow for extra room below the bust.  

Also if you are worried about your bump raising the hem of your dress at the front, we can make any of our dresses in a longer length (there is an extra charge for this service) – that way you can have it altered to be slightly longer on the front when on the hanger, but perfectly even all the way round when worn over your bump.   

But don’t just take our word for it, we asked the ever stylish Founder of chic beachwear brand Pampelone, Holly Scarsella ( how she found wearing our Oyster Florence dress for her sisters big day when she was 8 months pregnant. 

 ‘Being a bridesmaid is such an honour, especially for your sister, but finding out that it will be two days before your due date at 9 months pregnant filled me with apprehension. I was so nervous about how I’d feel but that changed as soon as I tried on my Rewritten dress.  I felt a million dollars – the cut suited a 9 month pregnant woman perfectly.’  

Holly Scarsella, Founder of Pampelone Clothing  

If in doubt and there is more you want to know, just give us a call on+44 (0)20 8801 5053 – we are a pretty flexible bunch and would love to help as much as we can. 

We work closely with our awesome stockists. Maybe you know some of them already, but maybe not, and so we are starting a series of interviews with these beautiful bridal stores. First up, the gorgeous Archive 12 as told by their founder Claire…

  1. Store Name : Archive 12
  2. Where you are based: Belfast, NI.

  3. What makes your store so awesome?
    I like to think we offer a very different vibe at Archive 12. I wanted to create a space that was exciting in terms of interior design but also a super relaxing place to be. Almost everyone comments on how cool our store is and I must admit I have to agree! Combined with our range of shit hot bridal collections and accessories, that are all exclusive to us in Ireland and I think we truly offer a unique experience.

  4. How did you get started in the bridal industry?
    I actually used to manage The Vintage Wedding Dress Company in London back in 2008 (now Charlie Brear) and when I moved home I always wanted to open a cool vintage bridal store in NI as there wasn’t anything like that here. For our first 2 or 3 years we sold only original vintage wedding gowns (think Kate Moss vintage rather than 50’s prom), but then I started to find designers who offered the kind of dresses that got me really buzzed, and so Archive 12 evolved into the brand we have now. High fashion, effortless style for the chilled out bride.

  5. Talk us through a typical day in the life of a bridal store…

    I don’t think this really exists! if I have clients in I will generally clean and prep any collections for the day, light the candles and choose some tunes to keep me going! If it’s a day when I am working ‘on’ the business then it could be anything from client follow ups, social media planning, accounts, event planning, website updates or writing a blog post. I love that every day can be different, and you never know what will happen.

  6. What’s the absolute best thing about your job?
    Without a doubt it’s that moment when a client makes the decision that this is HER dress. It’s such a joyous thing and you can almost see her body move and feel happy when wearing it. The body language is always such a clear sign for me, and I still find it overwhelming that someone would choose a dress from ARCHIVE 12! I do also love styling bridal editorial shoots. It allows me to dig deep into my creative side and showcase our collections how I imagine them to be worn.
  7. And the worst…..

    Hmm there are definitely many hard parts to running a business. But as a super organised person I find it pretty stressful when clients have left it too late to start looking. It’s so frustrating because I really want to be able to help anyone who walks through the doors, but in reality sometimes it just won’t be possible to order certain dresses if the timescale is too tight or the budget won’t stretch to rush fees. It’s gutting to see a client upset that they can’t have the dress they truly love, so please for all our sakes girls, start looking at least 8-10 months before your date!

  8. Which is your favourite style in the Rewritten collection and why do you love the brand?

    Right now it’s hands down the SOHO jumpsuit. It’s such a flattering shape and looks good on everyone! Its something different from the norm and guaranteed to get the WOW from the other wedding guests. I searched for years for a bridesmaids brand that I felt would compliment our collections and was also affordable and bang on trend, and I am thrilled to be able to offer Rewritten to our clients.  I love the simplicity of the silhouettes and fabric – no fuss, no bling and so comfortable. 
  9. You have such a great selection of designers in store – who are your favourite designers that you carry and why?

    I absolutely love all our brands and each one offers a different vibe. This summer we have two new British designers coming in to the store – BON BRIDE who have the most amazing minimal gowns, and SHIKOBA BRIDE who have a bohemian vibe with lots of fringing. So I’m excited to see how they go down with our clients.

  10. What are the latest trends in the bridal world this year – what should we look out for?

    Plain dresses continue to be a firm favourite, and I love how they can be styled to suit your day… add a flower crown for a boho look or keep it super slick with some statement ear-rings and jewellery. For next season I think tailored jackets will be big, in both plain silk fabrics or a more ornate embroidered fabric or sequins. And hopefully we will see a lot more colour for the brides too, not just the bridesmaids.
  11. If you hadn’t decided on a career in the bridal industry what would you have done instead?

    I have always worked in fashion or costume, so if the shop disappeared tomorrow I would go back to working in Film & TV. But if I had to do it all again and choose a different path I would definitely train to be a midwife. I guess it’s another massive moment in any woman’s life and it would be such a privilege to be there for someone giving birth (I’ve done it 3 times and the midwives are literally angels)
  12. Finally, if you could be stuck on a desert island with one famous person who would it be?

    I think I would go a bit mad being stuck with just one person, but maybe Russell Brand or Louis Theroux… I don’t think I would ever run out of things to talk about, and I think they’d both be pretty cheerful in the situation. Or Beyonce, just so she could teach me all her dance routines.

Ladies, if you’re based in Northern Ireland (or even if not), Archive 12 is well worth a visit. Follow them on social media @archive12 or make a booking via their website at – the Rewritten collection may be closer to you than you think.

Putting on a dress may sound like a fairly straightforward task, however, there can be a knack to getting our dresses looking as fabulous on you as they do on the hanger. Here are our top styling tips on how to get your dress sitting ‘oh so perfectly’ in time for the big day.

First thing’s first, although we steam our dresses and wrap them carefully in tissue paper, they may arrive with you looking a little rumpled. To get those creases out either iron your dress on a low temperature, steam with a handheld steamer or hang in a bathroom and let the hot steam from your shower do the hard work.

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October 2018 saw team Rewritten (aka Katie and Fran) arrive in the Big Apple for NYC Bridal Market – one of the World’s biggest bridal fairs in the World! This is the show where all of the buyers from around the globe come to pick out their new season wedding and bridesmaids dress collections from designers that travel thousands of miles to show off their newest collections.

We had such a bloody wonderful time that we thought we would share it with all of you lovely people and so we created a little diary especially for you…

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What better way to kick off our brand shiny new bloggy blog blog than by introducing the people behind it all. We may be a little team but we pack a big punch, we love what we do and we love meeting all of you fabulous brides on a regular basis. Most importantly though (and utterly cheesy as it sounds) we love each other – which is handy as we spend literally all of our time together and can often be found outside of hours propping up a cocktail bar or winning at a pub quiz (winning might be a stretch…). Yes you’ve read the blurb on Founders Katie and Fran but this goes a little deeper. Say hi to team Rewritten…

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