Guess the name game...

Guess the name game...
Ever wondered where the names of our dresses come from? Well you can quench that curiosity by reading on...
From favourite European cities to Greek islands, all of the dresses in our bridesmaids collection are named after places that our fabulous Rewritten founders - Fran & Katie - have travelled to, either together or separately with their friends and families.
"We love doing it this way as each and every dress in the range reminds us of a part of the world we love." 
Here are a couple of our favourite styles and names explained by the ladies themselves...

The Florence Dress

"Named after our favourite Italian city, Florence is somewhere we have spent time both separately and together. We just love the incredible architecture, the numerous Gelateria's, the art and of course, the food. Oh how we wish we were currently sipping Aperol spritz on a Florence rooftop!"

The Brooklyn Dress

"Other than Las Vegas (a story for another time), New York is our most visited travel destination (as a pair) and we both adore the city! Brooklyn is a favourite haunt of ours - from our favourite little sushi place in Cobble Hill to the Williamsburg bridge and the Wythe Hotel. The style of the Brooklyn dress felt suited to the city that never sleeps and she will look just as awesome with a pair of trainers and a white tee as with some heels."

The Seville Dress

"We celebrated Fran’s 30th birthday with a trip to Seville and we fell in love with this gem of a city. Nicknamed the ‘frying pan of Europe’, it was very very hot when we visited, but that certainly didn’t ruin the fun. The Royal Palace with it’s decorative tiles and serrated arches is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens (also for game of thrones fans this is where the world of Dorne was filmed) and the narrow cobbled streets and terraces lined with orange trees and restaurants are magical. Seville felt like an appropriate name for the dress that is affectionately known as the ‘game of thrones’ dress - very regal, just like Seville."


Named after our most admired female singers, the Rewritten bridal collection is crafted in London using organic, recycled fabrics.  

The Simone Dress

"Named after one of the most influential female singers of all time, Nina Simone, we felt the sultriness of this bias-cut halterneck dress suited the name perfectly."

The Stevie Blouse

"We are big Fleetwood Mac fans and even bigger Stevie Nick’s fans, and have both seen her perform live (ah-ma-zing). The lighter-than-air, hippie inspired, bell sleeve silk Stevie bridal blouse would look brilliant on her."

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