Hot pink is here: How to mix and match pink for your bridesmaids

Hot pink is here: How to mix and match pink for your bridesmaids

Hot pink is here, and its the hottest colour for bridesmaids dresses this season. Inspired by the Pantone colour of the year, Magenta, our Hot Pink is available in the Brooklyn satin slip style dress. Worn on its own will give an impactful look, or be inspired by our ideas on how to mix & match for a more tonal look.

1. Shades of pink

Mix Hot pink with Rose pink for a more toned down look. Rose Pink comes in the Brooklyn slip, one shoulder Porto and the wrap Florence Waterfall so you could mix & match the styles too.

Hot pink and baby blush pink mismatched bridesmaids dresses

2. Burnt Orange/rust

For a warm sunset look, you can mix in shades of Burnt Orange or rust with Hot Pink. Burnt Orange also comes in the Brooklyn, Porto and Florence Waterfall styles so another one for a satin mix and match.

Burnt orange rust mismatched bridesmaids dresses

3. Burgundy

Adding a burgundy red into the mix will create a gorgeous Autumnal colour palette. Our Chianti is the perfect shade of burgundy which will compliment Hot Pink and Burnt Orange. We have 8 styles in Chianti so you can really mix & match here - even throwing in the Soho jumpsuit.

 Burgundy red mismatched bridesmaids dress and bridesmaids jumpsuit

4. Coral

Mixing Hot pink with Coral will add a lighter tone for a more Summery palette. Our coral styles come in crepe so you will also be mixing the fabrics too which we love!

Mismatched pink red orange bridesmaids dresses


Check out here one of our favourite real weddings. Amy's girls wore a mix of Burnt Orange, Coral and Chianti. Recreate this look and add in the Hot Pink!

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses


Want to know how to mix & match different colours? Take a look at our blog post here

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