How to measure yourself for a bridesmaid dress

How to measure yourself for a bridesmaid dress
One thing we love is that you girls who can't make it to our showroom to try on, can just order online and try on in the comfort of your own home. The only thing is, we know it can be tricky to find the perfect size dress for you.
We have our size guide which shows you each of our sizes and the measurements in inches and cm, you just need to know how to measure yourself, and we're here to help.
Our dresses all come in a standard length which is 114cm from the waist to the hem (which can be easily taken up if you're petite - we can recommend some tailors to do this for you) so you just need to measure 3 key areas; bust, hips and waist.
For this all you need is a tape measure, and a pen & paper (or your notes app on your phone if you prefer!)


Make sure when doing this that you're wearing a bra that you would be wearing under the dress, or if you wouldn't wear a bra, you can measure yourself braless or just with a thin bra with not much padding. Start with the tape around the fullest part of your back (just above your bra strap) and wrap it around the front to the fullest part of your bust (usually just above the nipple). Don't pull it too tight otherwise the dress is going to be too tight around your bust. This measurement is your bust measurement. Note that your bust measurement  will be different to your bra size.


Your waist is the section that is an inch or 2 just above your belly button. Wrap the tape around your waist just like you did your bust (don't pull it too tight) and take the measurement.


To find your hip measurement can be a bit tricky as it's hard to know where to measure. Make sure your standing in a upright relaxed position and find the widest point of your hip area. When you wrap the measuring tape round it should sit across your hip bones and the top of your bum.

This diagram should help when measuring yourself, and below you will find the measurements which refer to each of our sizes.

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