Can a bridesmaid wear a jumpsuit?

Red bridesmaids jumpsuit

Want to wear a flattering jumpsuit in a bold colour you love, why the hell shouldn’t you?

Bridesmaids are such an important part of the big day, and their dresses (or jumpsuits) are the second most important outfit of the day - after the bride of course! As huge advocates of a mix & match look, we love bridesmaids jumpsuits mixed with bridesmaids dresses.

We understand it can be a tricky task to find a bridesmaids dress if you don't usually wear dresses or skirts, but equally understand that you don't want to stand out if you don't wear a dress and everyone else does. We love designing and creating something for everyone, and that's why we introduced our bridesmaids jumpsuits.

We love that our bridesmaids dresses are all very comfortable, but our bridesmaid jumpsuit is just that extra step-up. The wide leg trouser also means that when standing amongst bridesmaids who are wearing dresses, you won't be able to notice that you are in trousers and not a skirt. As huge advocates of mixing and matching, our jumpsuits are made to be worn along side our dresses.

We are true believers that no bridesmaid dress or jumpsuit should go to the back of the wardrobe after one wear, and that's why we believe our bridesmaids jumpsuit is perfect to be worn again as a wedding guest or for a night out!

Mix & match bridesmaid jumpsuits

Our Soho jumpsuit comes in five signature colours and features flowing wide leg palazzo trousers, darted waist detail, back of the neck key hole design, bow neck tie and finished with a flattering waist sash tie.

You are sure to be the most stylish one at the party in this dream of a wedding jumpsuit, those wide legs provide just the same amount of swishiness on the dancefloor as any dress.

 Shop our Soho jumpsuit here.



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