Can bridesmaid dresses be different lengths?

Can bridesmaid dresses be different lengths?

As huge advocates of a mix & matched look, bridesmaids dresses can absolutely be different styles, and different lengths to each other. Bridesmaids dresses don't have to be floor length; you can rock a mix of mini, midi, and full length dresses.

The length of a floor length dress can depend on your height. Usually, if you are wearing heels, a floor length dress will sit about an inch off of the floor. If you are tall or petite, the length may sit differently on you.

The most mixed together Rewritten dresses are the Brooklyn and Florence Waterfall. The Brooklyn is a full length dress which can sit floor length or works well as a midi if you are tall. The Florence Waterfall has a waterfall hem and sits midi length at the front and ankle length at the back.

Midi length floor length ankle length satin bridesmaids dresses

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