Does the maid of honour and bridesmaids wear the same dress?

Does the maid of honour and bridesmaids wear the same dress?

With most things in the world of bridesmaids dressing, its really up to you if you would like your Maid of Honour to wear the same dress as your bridesmaids, or not.

Usually the Maid of Honour is dressed the same as the bridesmaids, but as huge advocates of a mix & match, they're many ways you can subtly have you Maid of Honour in a different dress to your bridesmaids.

Same colour, different style -

Maid of Honour dresses can be a slightly different style to the bridesmaids. An example of this is going for one colour, for example one of our satin shades, and dressing your bridesmaids in the strappy Brooklyn style, and having your MOH in the one shoulder Porto, or the wrap Florence. This is a subtle way of having your MOH in a different dress to your bridesmaids, without standing out. You can rock the same concept as this in all of our crepe colours too.

Mix and match bridesmaids dresses

Different colour -

In the same instance as above, you could mix & match the colours and have your bridesmaids in one shade and your Maid of Honour in another shade. We love a contrasting mix so you could opt for Chianti & Coral for a Summer wedding, Green & Orange satin for an Autumn wedding, or go for our Sky Blue satin with Bluebell crepe for a subtle mix of textures too (we love this!)

Mix and match bridesmaids dresses

MOH duties

Your bestie, the one you can lean on, someone to depend on, and the one who holds you up at the end of the night after too many wedding wines!

The Maid of Honour traditionally has more input in helping with the wedding planning and giving a helping hand on the big day than the bridesmaids do, but this is really dependent on the Bride and what she wants. The maid of honour can choose if she wants to pay for more than the bridesmaids or split everything equally. The bride may also ask the maid of honour to pay for some things towards the wedding but this doesn't usually happen in the UK.

  • Usually the MOH will organise the hen-do, but the bridesmaids will still have an input in the plans
  • Support the bride! Be the helping hand or ear that she needs
  • Be the point of call for the guests if they have any questions before the ceremony
  • Attend wedding dress fittings (but the bridesmaids can come too!)
  • Hold the brides bouquet when she says her vows
  • & making sure the bride has the most EPIC day!


Looking for mix & match dresses for your Maid of Honour and bridesmaids? Shop the collection by colour and read our blog on How to Mix & Match here.

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