What are the bridesmaids dress colours for 2023

Dark navy bridesmaids dresses and sustainable wedding dress with silk blouse
What is the trend for bridesmaid dresses? There are many different trends for bridesmaids which you can choose to follow or rebel against! We love anything that's not traditional, but luckily, bridesmaids trends this year are far from traditional!

Tonal - The Same, but Different

Bridesmaids all wearing the same dress is a thing of the past. But, bridesmaids all wearing the same colour, but in different styles to suit their body shape and personality, is here to stay.
Left - Oyster
Top Right - Ink
Bottom Right - Marine
Mismatched bridesmaids dresses

Warm Earth Tones

Warm Earthy tones can work all year round, but these tones really work well for an Autumn wedding. Mix dresses in shades Chianti, Coral and Burnt Orange Satin for a warm mix and also a mix of fabric.
Bright orange, red & pink mismatched bridesmaids dresses

Soft Tones

Not a fan of bright colours? Want your bridesmaids to compliment your Ivory dress? A neutral colour palette is the perfect answer. Mix shades of Oyster, Heather & Mink & Rose Pink satin for the perfect neutral balance, and again that mix of fabrics with both crepe and Satin.
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Neutral pink bridesmaids dresses

Green, Green and more Green

Green is a great neutral colour in weddings. It seems to work well with any colour theme and against any colour flowers. Mix up different shades and styles of our green satin dresses for the best botanical bridesmaids.
Olive and sage green satin bridesmaids dresses

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    Hi I have a shop called House of Glamour in N lreland and would be interested in buying your dresses wholesale. Could you contact me regarding this please . Many thanks adeline

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