Eco craft ideas for weddings at Christmas

Eco Christmas craft ideas for weddings

It’s the first weekend of December so you either have your Christmas tree and decorations up already, or today is the day you're going to be making your house feel festive. Maybe you even have your big day in December and you want to decorate your venue without spending much more of that budget!

Here are 4 of our eco-craft ideas to make at Christmas 

Personalised Baubles

We’ve all seen those fancy baubles with beautiful calligraphy written names, but something with a hand made touch is always such a special gift! Why not personalise a bauble for each of your bridesmaids to decorate the tree at your venue or your tree at home. Gift them to your girls after the wedding to re-use on their tree every year. You can either buy plain baubles to decorate, or you can make flat baubles out of cardboard which you can paint and personalise (it's much easier being flat!).

Christmas personalised baubles

Fabric Tinsel

Are you a crafter and have old fabric lying around or clothes you're not sure what to do with? Cut them into strips and tie them to a length of string to create a eco friendly garland which won’t harm the environment. Use some to decorate your tree or place on top of a mantle piece.

Christmas eco tinsel garland

Wrapping Paper

Another way to use old fabric is to cut squares and use it as wrapping paper. We know not everyone has a bed sheet or something big enough to cut into pieces to wrap presents, so another fave of ours is to create your own wrapping paper by personalising paper you already have at home. Use paint, pens, stamps or your kids crayons and draw your favourite thing about Christmas all over some paper you have lying around to create the perfect personalised Christmas paper - which can also be recycled!

Handmade eco christmas wrapping paper

Christmas Wreaths

Our final eco-craft idea for Christmas is hand making your own Christmas wreaths. All you need is a wire ring base and some fresh or dried flowers and foliage stems. We love this step-by-step guide here on Good Housekeeping.

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