Where can I get my hands on a sustainable wedding dress?

Sustainable eco-friendly ethical wedding dress bridal dress bride
Look no further! Rewritten's Bridal collection is curated of sustainable and eco-friendly bridal dresses and an organic silk blouse to layer over the top. Looking for an ethical choice? We've got your back!
Each and every piece in our Bridal collection is designed and hand-made in London with the greatest care and crafted in sustainable fabrics. From initial design to finished dress, we hand draw all of our designs before sourcing the most beautiful recycled crepes and peace silks and sampling them on our London workshop floor. Not only is our Bridal collection entirely UK made but it comes in recyclable packaging too with a gorgeous garment bag and wooden hanger for you to hang on to.
Sustainable halter neck bridal wedding dress
Having a sustainable wedding dress is a big element for someone who is planning a sustainable wedding. There are many other elements you can include in a sustainable wedding; from recycled paper for your place cards, to asking your caterer to use local and fair-trade ingredients. The list goes on but many people forget about the environmental impact of having a wedding dress that isn't made from eco-friendly fabrics.
Our capsule collection features 3 dresses and a blouse made out of Peace Silk. 
Sustainable wedding dresses
Peace Silk means in simple terms: non-violent silk breeding and production. It allows the full life cycle of the silkworm to butterfly to take place so that no animals die in the production of the silk.
Once the silkworms have spun the cocoons, they are kept in a sheltered place until they emerge as a beautiful butterfly. This process is lengthy and slows down production but means that peace silk is a great alternative for people who really care about animal welfare.
Sustainable wedding dresses for the sustainable bride. Shop here.

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