Who is supposed to pay for the bridesmaids dresses in the UK?

This is always a question which floats around in the wedding world, and no one really knows who is supposed to pay for the bridesmaids dresses.
In the UK the tradition varies but its mainly the bride that pays for the bridesmaids dresses.  Of course this isn't a fixed rule, and you can definitely ask your girls if they are able to pay for their own dresses (around 25% of brides in the UK do this so you wouldn't be alone if budget is looking tight!)
Our second favourite word in the world of weddings after bridesmaids of course. Budgeting can really help you decide whether you can buy your bridesmaids dresses or if you need to ask your bridesmaids to buy their own. Luckily, Rewritten have lots of affordable styles and dresses that can be worn again and again after the wedding, to really get the most for your money.
Here are our top 3 affordable bridesmaids dresses in our collection:

The Ibiza - £135

The Ibiza is the lowest price dress in the collection. The camisole style dress has adjustable straps, a pinched in waist and a full skirt which looks great on the dance floor.

The Brooklyn - £150

The Brooklyn dress is the ultimate slip dress which comes in both satin and crepe fabrics. Designed to be worn again after the wedding, this style is great for a night out, a holiday or even as a wedding guest!

The Vienna - £150

The Vienna style is great if you are looking for something which is a bit more covered. This contemporary floor length a-line dress features a round neck, racer back and waist tie.
Got room in your budget? Take a look at our other styles priced up to £225.

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