Why Rewritten rebels against Black Friday every year

Why Rewritten rebels against Black Friday every year

Black Friday Rebellion - Why Rewritten do not take part in fast fashion sales


If you've followed us from the start, you will know that Rewritten have never taken part in Black Friday sales. After the business was founded back in November 2016, Rewritten co-founders knew that they wanted to challenge fast fashion and work towards sustainability by creating bridesmaids dresses that don't get relegated to the back of the wardrobe after just one wear.

Environmental Impact

Sales such as Black Friday have a huge environmental impact - frantic overconsumption result in even more fabric waste going to landfill every single year. This goes against all of our values to try and create bridesmaids dresses that are re-worn, not thrown away.

We don't discount our products or buy more stock in just to take part in mass consumer trends. We stick to our values and each year hold a sale in December where we will discount stock to make way for new styles.

Charity Donations

We are very proud that each Black Friday, we donate profits to charities instead of putting our products on sale. Last year we raised money for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation - a charity which organises and funds weddings for those with terminal or life limiting illnesses in the UK. The year before we donated 50% of profits to the UK Food Bank Charity, The Trussel Trust, to help fight UK hunger in the difficult times of the pandemic. 

Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS charity

This Black Friday, we will be donating profits to a cause very close to our hearts.

On 10th October 2022, Co-Founder Katie’s beautiful baby niece Evie was born. After a traumatic week in which Katie’s sister Sally was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, Evie was delivered via a life saving c-section at just 27 weeks and weighing a tiny 1lb 14.

Immediately placed in an incubator, Evie has spent the first weeks of her life fighting for survival, battling against the odds even when faced with heart complications and infections. With the amazing 24 hour care that she is receiving Evie is getting stronger every day and now weighs 3lbs.

Without the extraordinary team in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Sally and Evie wouldn’t be here today. The work they do is so important and we need to continue to support them so that they can continue to look after the many families and babies that come through their doors.

30% of profits from Black Friday up until the end of giving Tuesday (29th Nov) will be donated to the Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS charity which supports this cause.


Planning to buy Rewritten bridesmaids dresses?

Buying this weekend may save a life.

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