Duties and taxes for international orders

Shipping internationally can be a confusing business so we are here to make it easier for you.

All our prices (apart from GBP) are shown on the website without tax. The tax and duties (where applicable) are then added at checkout so you have complete clarity of what the order is going to cost in total. 

There are thresholds whereas if the order is below a certain value there are no taxes or duties to be paid- please see table below for more information.

*NEW* all orders to Ireland have duties and taxes included so nothing extra to pay at checkout

Region No duty up to: No tax up to:
Australia 1000 AUD  1000 AUD 
Canada 20 CAD  20 CAD 
EU 150 EUR  22 EUR 
Mexico 50 USD 117 USD 
New Zealand 250 NZD  250 NZD 
Sweden 1,600 SEK 300 SEK
Switzerland 5 CHF 5 CHF
UAE 1000 AED  1000 AED
United States 800 USD  800 USD


Example one:  If you are ordering to the USA and your order is under $800 there will be no duties or tax to pay. Great!

For a list of import duty percentages you will need to check your local countries rules surrounding this. Most countries vary from 10-17%.