Putting on a dress may sound like a fairly straightforward task, however, there can be a knack to getting our dresses looking as fabulous on you as they do on the hanger. Here are our top styling tips on how to get your dress sitting ‘oh so perfectly’ in time for the big day.

First thing’s first, although we steam our dresses and wrap them carefully in tissue paper, they may arrive with you looking a little rumpled. To get those creases out either iron your dress on a low temperature, steam with a handheld steamer or hang in a bathroom and let the hot steam from your shower do the hard work.

Now that your dress is smoothed to perfection we can get on with the important bit – styling…


The Florence & Tokyo (wrap) dresses

Start by threading the waist tie through the left side of the dress from the inside, you will then have a tie on the outside on each side of the dress, once wrapped around the body this can now be tied in a bow at the front in line with the side split. The back neck tie can be tightened or loosened to allow for more give on the bust – we would recommend you have this tightly tied most of the time.

The Soho jumpsuit

The Soho jumpsuit zips up from the back and has a neck tie that can be tied as a bow or just left to drape down your back. It comes with a waist sash which is designed to wrap round and tie at the front, but would look equally cool tied at the back too.

The Vienna (racer back) dress

The Vienna is designed with a loose-fitting waist which is then pulled in with waist ties – this gives a flattering pleating effect as the excess fabric hangs in folds. For the optimum fit, pull the ties first to the back of the body, then wrap around the waist once or twice and tie in a bow either at the centre back or front right. And of course, as you eat and drink more throughout on the wedding day you can loosen as needed. Result.

The Seville (v neck with shoulder ties) dress

The Seville dress features shoulder ribbon ties which can be worn in a multitude of ways. The button fastening underneath the ties means that they don’t need to be tied in a bow to stay secure. Some of our favourites are bows on each shoulder, hanging loose down the back or crossed over to emulate the v back of the dress.

If worn draping over the shoulders its a great way to give the illusion of a sleeve without actually wearing one as it covers the tops of the arms.

The Mykonos (cold shoulder) dress

This one is fairly standard however some of our customers have had the cold shoulder sleeves altered and attached to the straps to resemble little-capped sleeves and some put a simple stitch in the back to pull up the straps if they find the style too low cut.


The Oslo and Sydney dresses

Our slinky Oslo and Sydney dresses are bias cut so hug in all the right places and can be worn with our without the sash that comes with it. We love the sash wrapped round the waist and tied at the front off centre as shown in the pictures below.


The Berlin dress

Ever so 90’s, our Berlin square neck dress is super simple to wear. With a back zip and ribbon ties that can be tied low down at the back or even higher up on the shoulders if that’s what takes your fancy. We personally love them tied low at the back.

By tightening or loosening the ties you can adjust where the neckline sits.


Our Separates (Sicily skirt, Paris skirt, Amalfi trousers, Provence top, Kyoto top) 

The Provence top is a cute lil camisole that can be worn with any of our skirts of trousers. It looks great hanging loose but it can also be tucked in which then gives the illusion of it being a dress. It can even be teamed with one of our sashes to nip in the waist.

The Kyoto top is our 70’s esqe wrap top which has a waist sash that threads through on the right hand side wrapping round the waist to tie on the front left hand side.

If in doubt and there is more you want to know, just get in touch – we are a pretty flexible bunch and would love to help as much as we can.