Can you wear a bridesmaids dress as a wedding guest?

Three images of girls in a sage green and light pink dresses and one in a blue jumpsuit

Can you wear a bridesmaids dress as a wedding guest? Hell YEAH you can!

If you're a guest for a wedding and you're looking for a dress, the main thing to check is the colour dresses the bridesmaids are wearing as you want to make sure you don't match them.

Some weddings will have a dress code which can range from Black Tie to Smart Casual, and anything in-between, but usually there won't be a dress code and you can be assured everyone will be smart dressed as a wedding guest.

Our favourite styles to wear as a wedding guest are:

  • A slip dress: Our Brooklyn style strappy slip dress in satin or crepe is the perfect dress for a wedding guest outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down by tying the sash in different ways or adding different accessories.
    Check out our styling tips blog here for our favourite accessories to go with your dress.
  • A wrap dress: A floaty wrap dress is always a great go-to for a wedding guest outfit. This is a less figure hugging style so you'll be comfy all day and all night long. Our Florence and Florence Waterfall dresses are the perfect option for a wedding guest dress.
  • A jumpsuit: A jumpsuit is always a winner for a wedding. Ultimate comfort and great for the dance floor, our Soho Jumpsuit can be a great alternative if you don't want to wear a dress as a wedding guest, and want to opt for trousers instead.
Looking for a plus size dress for a wedding guest?

Our satin Florence Waterfall goes up to a UK size 22, and our Florence wrap and Mykonos cold shoulder styles go up to a UK size 26.

Shop all of our other styles here.

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