Meet the team

We may be a little team but we pack a big punch, we love what we do and we love meeting all of you fabulous brides on a regular basis. Most importantly though (and utterly cheesy as it sounds) we love each other - which is handy as we spend literally all of our time together and can often be found outside of hours propping up a cocktail bar or winning at a pub quiz (winning might be a stretch...). Yes you’ve read the blurb on Founders Katie and Fran but this goes a little deeper. Say hi to team Rewritten…



Frances Cookson – Co-founder


Fran’s (Frances is way too formal) official role is to design the Rewritten collection as well as work on the fun fluffy bits like social media, PR and Marketing.

An official Fashion Design Graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, Fran then spent ten years working in Communications for brands such as NET-A-PORTER before founding Rewritten with Katie.

More widely known as ‘Prosecco Fran’, Fran has a love of 90’s dance music, Marvel films, tiny tattoos, running, chips, dogs of any breed, painfully high heels and neutral colours. If it weren’t for Katie, the entire Rewritten collection would be available in shades of black, beige and grey.


Katie Arnott – Co-founder

Co-founder Katie is the brains behind Rewritten, managing the serious bits like finance, wholesale, operations and generally being the (slightly) more sensible one out of the two founders.

Katie is a business whizz and cut her teeth in the retail industry working for fine jewellery business Astley Clarke where she managed all retail channels for the brand.

Katie’s main love in life is travelling the world, visiting the most far flung obscure and weirdly wonderful destinations (if she had her way Rewritten would be run from a hut somewhere in the jungle). When not traversing the globe, Katie can be found drinking copious amounts of cider at festivals, demolishing all things made of chocolate or at a hardcore boxing class. She is obsessed with Japanese culture.


Anahita Akbary – Showroom Manager


Ana joined the Rewritten team in May 2017 and quickly became part of the gang. With a background in fine jewellery, Ana once worked with Katie and Fran at Astley Clarke (and therefore knew she could put up with them both). Ana looks after all of our glorious customers and is known for being able to tackle even the most last minute of wedding panics.

A jewellery nerd at heart, her obsession with cats could be classed as borderline weird and only rivalled by her love for crisps, velvet jumpsuits and flower arranging.

She can usually be found front left of the stage at a festival or looking after her German Shepard puppy Merlin.


So now you know us all a little better, why not come in and see us in person for an appointment in our East London showroom. We are fun, we promise.

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