Our guide to petite/tall bridesmaids dress shopping

Our guide to petite/tall bridesmaids dress shopping
As you know, here at Rewritten, we are huge advocates of mix & matching amongst your bridesmaids. The most important reason is so that all of your bridesmaids are comfortable, and are in a dress they will want to wear again! You can wear any of our styles no matter what shape or size you are, but we do have a few styles which are perfect for the more petite girls amongst us, and others which are perfect for if you are on the taller side.
Here are our suggestions and top tips on finding the perfect bridesmaids style for you!


We know that being petite can be tricky when it comes to finding a dress which isn't going to swamp you, or leave you with excess fabric dragging on the floor. Luckily for you, we have many different styles which sit at different lengths and a good few of them are perfect for being on the smaller side.
Our go to styles would be the Brooklyn or Amelia slip style dresses as you can easily have these shortened by a seamstress to make it the perfect length for you (or into midi length like the photo in the middle below). The Brooklyn dress features adjustable straps so you can tighten the straps to pull up the neckline. The Amelia dress has thick straps which can be easily shortened by a seamstress to lift up the neckline too.


If you're on the taller side and not sure which style to go for, we have a few which would be perfect for you! Our Roma dress looks just as good on you taller girls as it does on the petite girls. The Roma dress (as shown below on Lorna who is 6') sits really nicely as an ankle length. Our Brooklyn dress also works really well as ankle length if it comes up shorter on you, or if your looking for the dress to be longer, just size up! Our Brooklyn is cut on the bias which means the bigger the size, the longer the dress. The straps can also be adjusted on the Brooklyn making the length longer. Another style that works really well for all heights is the Florence Waterfall dress as shown on Amy (5'11") below.

Dressing a bump?

Looking for a maternity bridesmaids dress or need a dress which you can easily breastfeed whilst wearing? Check out our blog here on how to style your bump.
Still would rather try on before you buy? Book a trying on appointment here

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