The perfect bridesmaids and bridal set up for trying-on at home

The perfect bridesmaids and bridal set up for trying-on at home
Want to come into our showroom for a trying on session with your best girls, but can't get them all together at once? Don't worry - that's why we offer our best selling styles available to buy online. Even better so, if you are looking for a bridal dress and don't want to wait the average 6-8 months that your usual bridal shop will quote you, then order a dress from our sustainable bridal collection and have it delivered to your home in as little as 2 days.
We've had a lot of you ask us how you can make the home trying-on experience as close as it would be if you we're coming into our showroom, so we've teamed up with the amazing blog writer and former customer Jade Piper, who has brought her top tips on making that ultimate trying on at session as best as it can be!


Decide where in your home you’ll be trying on

Almost as important as trying the on the dress, is where to try it on.
So, what spaces can you use? Well, for a lot of people, this initial thought would automatically be the bedroom because that's where you do all/most of your getting dressed. However, you can also use a spare room if you have one, you're living room, hallway, or even your bathroom.
Where you try on your dress needs to be spacious, uncluttered, and a space with a lot of natural light (or good artificial lighting). Trying on a dress in a dark room where you can't step back without tripping over that pile of clean washing you still need to put away won't help you at all, trust us.

Single-use vs multi-use 

As you think about your setup, try to ask yourself whether you intend to use the space just this once or will you still need it later on. The space you set up for trying on your dress could also make a pretty decent dressing area if you do not already have one, so this is something to think about when working out your set up.

How to set up the space

Now that you have a space for trying on your dress, you need to set it up - Here’s our tips on how to do that: 
1. Clearing out and decluttering
Clear out the space and move anything that might distract you as you try on your dress. This step will also come in handy later on when you are taking pictures in your dress. You don’t want that pile of washing or your cluttered bookshelf ruining your pictures! Having a tidy home can also reduce stress.
2. Setting up the mirror
You want to hang your full-length mirror at a height that will allow you to see your entire body. If other people will also use your setup at some point, go for a standard height that will accommodate most people. This means hanging the mirror so that the bottom of the mirror is about 9 inches off the floor.
3. Make sure you have somewhere you can hang your dress
Whether you're in your bedroom and you can hang it over the top of a wardrobe door, or you have a hook on the back of a door - make sure you can hang the dress prior to trying it on.
4. Get your lighting right
Light is extremely important when it comes to trying on a dress. Having the right lighting or doing it at the right time of day will make a huge difference in how your dress looks. 
If you are trying on your dress on a nice clear sunny day, open the blinds and use the natural light. Turn off your main lights, and if you are taking pictures, turn off your camera’s flash as well. This way, you won’t have any shadows and you will be able to see the true colour of the dress.

Trying on your dress

You are now ready to try on your dress. Here’s how to do it right! 
Un-package the dress
If you have ordered one of our bridesmaids dresses, the dress will come wrapped in tissue paper and in a lovely soft white dust bag. Take the dress out of the packaging and hang it up on a hanger in the room you are trying it on. If you have ordered one of our sustainable bridal dresses, you'll find in the package; a hanger for you to hang up the dress on, some white gloves to handle the dress with so it doesn't get marked, and a piece of fabric which will come in handy to place over your face if you are trying on the dress with makeup on (this just protects the white fabric from getting any marks).
Not sure how to get into or style the dress?
Some of our dresses are easier to get in than others, and some might be confusing at first glance how they should sit when they're on. We have made this much easier for you by creating a 'How to Style' series, available to watch over on our Instagram reels, TikTok and also our YouTube channel.
Remember to take lots of pictures
Taking photos may not seem that important if you are 100% on your decision as soon as you try the dress on, but it is a vital step in deciding whether you'll keep the dress or try a different style. The photos will also come in very handy when speaking to the other bridesmaids on what style/colour they have gone with.
& Finally - Enjoy it!
Enjoy your trying on session - put some music on, grab a glass of bubbles, FaceTime your friends if you can't be together and just have a bloomin' good time!

Want to check out our full collection of bridesmaids dresses? Click here - we're sure you will find something you love!


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