Wedding colour themes we are loving right now

Wedding colour themes we are loving right now
Picking a colour scheme for your wedding can be a tough choice, especially if you and your partner want something different! We're not only advocates of mix & match bridesmaids dresses, but we do love a mix & match wedding scheme when it comes to flowers, tablescaping, decorations and everything else that goes into the big day!
Here are 4 colour themes we are loving right now:

Shades of Green

Choosing green as your base theme colour of your wedding is great because it gives you options to keep it earthy, or add in hints of other colours. All colours seem to sit well with green!
We love bouquets which are a full base of green leaves and stems, with small hints of colour with either dried or fresh flowers - or if you want to keep it simple, just add in hints of white with the green.
Mix & Match green bridesmaids dresses with our 3 green satins; Forest, Olive & brand new addition, Sage. All satins are available in our Brooklyn & Florence Waterfall Styles.


Mixing neutral and peachy tones with pink makes a colour scheme look less 'candyfloss' and girly, but if that is a look that you are going for then go for it!! Add brighter pinks for a bolder statement.
These wedding invites by Wonderland are the perfect example of how you can mix other colours with pink to tone it down.
Our brand new Rose Pink satin dresses also match perfectly with a Pink colour theme.

 Oranges and Reds

Warm tones of Oranges, Reds & Pinks always go well together as a colour palette, any time of year! 

We love these flowers by Wild Bloom with a base colour of green, and then deep rich shades of reds, oranges and even hints of purple added in.

Recreate this colour theme with bridesmaids dresses in Chianti, Burnt Orange and Coral.

Something borrowed, something blue...

Having blue as a colour theme doesn't mean its going to look nautical - you can play around with shades of blues and different colour accents to be added in. 
A great example is the bouquet above right - this bouquet would work perfectly against our Sky Blue satin bridesmaids dresses. If your looking for different shades of blue bridesmaids dresses, our darker shade of Ink, or our soft Bluebell may work for you!


Like what you see? Check out our Pinterest for more bridal inspiration - or if you have already chosen your colour theme and just need your dresses,

shop here!

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