How to re-wear your dress after the wedding

How to re-wear your dress after the wedding
The most responsible clothes are those that last the longest
Our dresses are designed to be worn again and again  - find here our favourite ways you can re-wear your dress or jumpsuit after the wedding. Our styles can be dressed up for a special occasion, or dressed down to be a part of your every day wardrobe.


One of our favourite looks for layering one of our satin dresses is with a jumper or cardigan over the top to style it like a satin skirt. The Brooklyn, Pollensa & Amelia styles are particularly good for this.
We especially love the Alpaca blend jumper from Arket which comes in 12 colours.


For an occasion, chucking on a blazer or jacket works really well over our dresses or jumpsuits for more of a going-out and less bridesmaid-y look.

The perfect black blazer we swear by is the Relaxed Single Breasted Blazer from M&S.



Shoe choice can really change the look of a dress or a jumpsuit. Opting for a pair of trainers or Dr Martens layered with a jumper is our go to for a coffee date or a day in the office in Autumn/Winter. For Summer, we love pairing our dresses with some sandals. Looking to re-wear for a night out? Sparkly heels or heeled boots are a must!
Here are our top 5 picks from Office:


The easiest way to make your bridesmaids dress less "dressy" is to hem the length. A seamstress will easily be able to take up your dress to make it into a midi or a mini, depending on what style you would prefer. The Brooklyn slip dress is the perfect holiday dress, whether you keep it full length or make it midi.




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