How many bridesmaids is too many?

mix and match bridesmaids dresses
There's no set rule as to how many bridesmaids become too many, but anything over 8 is looked at being a big group of bridesmaids. The average number of bridesmaids is 3-5.
Some brides decide to have only a maid of honour or 1 bridesmaid, and this is totally normal, but some decide to have a bigger group of up to 12.
If your going for a mismatched look with an even number of bridesmaids, some brides like a balanced look - having half the bridesmaids in one style and the other half in another style.
If you have an odd number of bridesmaids and your going for a mix & match bridesmaids look, we recommend letting your girls choose their own styles and having a totally mismatched group. This is more of a relaxed way to achieve a mix & match and something we love.
As huge advocates of mix & matched bridesmaids, we also love it when girls mix colours together. Whether thats complimentary shades of clashing tones, we're totally here for it!
Check out some of our favourite real weddings here - with between 2-10 bridesmaids!

Aisha & Richard

Oyster pale blush pink bridesmaids dresses


Lucille & George 

Ink navy blue bridesmaids dresses

Charlotte & Joe

Olive green & sage green satin bridesmaids dresses
Forest green bridesmaids dresses

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