Care Guide



Be careful when opening your parcel and treat the dresses with care - especially if you've ordered satin dresses as this fabric is delicate. We advise you open your parcel on a smooth surface and not somewhere where the fabric could get caught as catches will result in pulls.



All of our bridesmaids dresses are machine washable on a standard 30 degree wash so they're super easy to clean at the end of the wedding day (especially if you spill some wine down the front!). We recommend washing your dress on it's own to avoid colour transfer.



All of our dresses keep creases at bay once steamed on the morning of the wedding - for this, we recommend using a hand held steamer. We use Propress which we have found to be the best handheld steamer to get rid of any creases. Propress offer a package for Rewritten which you can find here, but you can also get your hands on other very reasonably priced and good quality steamers from any household shop.

If you would rather use an iron, make sure to iron on a low temperature and place a towel in between the dress and the iron to protect the fabric.



Satin and crepe dresses are really easy to take care of if you know what to do with them - if there's one thing to remember when wearing satin on the big day, don't sit on that dry stone wall outside the church as this will leave you with fabric pulls on the dress! Watch out for any sharp objects that can pull and snag the fabric.



Check out our RE-WEAR page for some top styling tips on how to wear your bridesmaids dress again and again.