The Brooklyn Dress

The Brooklyn is a slip style bridesmaids dress which comes in both silky satin and crepe fabric.

The style of the dress is a loose slip style which fits true to size. The beauty of the Brooklyn is that it is made with fabric that is cut on the bias, so there is a stretch to it which allows you to jump up and down sizes and it will just fit differently. Like your dresses tight fitting? Go down a size. Like them loose? Stick with your correct size or even size up.

The Brooklyn dress features cross straps at the back with adjusters which allow you to tighten or loosen the dress. If you prefer the V neck front to be a bit higher, all you need to do is tighten the straps at the back.

We recommend you either wear nipple covers with the Brooklyn dress or if you would prefer to wear a bra, go for a strapless with low back converters or a stick on bra. Find our favourites in our blog post here.

Slip style satin silk bridesmaids dress

The dress is also double layered and features a sash which can be worn many ways. Our favourites are either around the waist or as a neck accessory.

If you're styling the sash around the waist, there are 2 ways of doing this. The first way is to take the sash and place the middle of it at the centre front of your waist, wrapping around to the back and cross over bringing both ends back to the front. You can tie the ends in a double knot or in a bow.

The other way you can tie the waist sash is by starting at the back and bringing the sash around the front and tying it in a bow or a knot. This way will give you more length of the sash at the front.

You can also style the sash around your neck by placing the centre of the sash at the front of your neck and letting it drape down the back.

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