The Ibiza Dress

The Ibiza dress is a classic style camisole dress which has a fitted bodice, a cinched in waist and a full circle skirt - which is great for the dance floor. This style of bridesmaids dress is perfect for both slim and curvier figures. We recommend getting your usual dress size in the Ibiza, but if you have a bigger bust (larger than a DD) then we recommend going up a size.

 Strappy cami bridesmaids dress

Simply pop the dress on and zip it up at the back. Next, adjust the straps with the adjusters at the back, just like you would a bra strap. Making the adjusters tighter or looser will either tighten or loosen the top part of the dress. The style of the dress has a straight across back, which allows for a standard strapless bra. You can also add a waist sash around the dress if you wish to style this a little bit differently (waist sashes sold separately).

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