The Porto Dress

The Porto is a one shoulder, floor length bridesmaids dress which features a sash and side split. The style of the dress is fitted on top with a looser skirt. If you prefer to have a bit more dancing room, or if you have a bigger bust (larger than a DD cup) - we recommend going up a size.

 One shoulder bridesmaids dress silk satin

The Porto dress comes with a sash which can be worn around the waist or tied in a bow on the shoulder. 

If you're styling the sash around your waist, start with the centre of the sash at the centre of your waist at the front, wrap around and cross at the back bringing both ends of the sash back round to the front. Tie in a double knot and twist slightly to the side to sit over the side split seam.

To wear the sash on the shoulder, feed the sash through under the shoulder strap to the middle so you have 2 equal lengths either side. Start by tying in a knot to secure the sash, and then tie into a bow.

We recommend wearing a strapless bra with the Porto dress. Find our favourites in our blog post here.

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