The Collection

We are inclusive of size and shape and we encourage you to show off your personality through our beautifully crafted collection. Our collection is available in sizes UK 8 to UK 26 across our best-selling styles and colours, with no need for made-to-order, dresses can be tried at home within a few days. We believe in being the bridesmaid you want to be. Want to wear a flattering jumpsuit in a bold colour you love, why the hell shouldn’t you?

Made in London

All of our flattering styles are hand-designed in-house and sampled on our London workshop floor, where we create the majority of our best-selling styles. Our bold colours are completely unique to us and every dress is created from fabric that is dyed to our exacting colour specifications. All of our prints are exclusively designed by us in collaboration with talented textile designers, meaning you won’t see them anywhere else.


We are not purveyors of fast fashion and fundamentally believe that a bridesmaids dress should be worn more than once rather then relegated to the back of the wardrobe, we like to call it sustainable bridesmaids dressing. We are constantly striving to be more sustainable in an ever environmentally conscious world. Our packaging is 95% recyclable and we ship our dresses in reusable cotton dust bags for you to store your dress in and use at home. We use recycled fabric throughout 50% of our collection and plan to increase this to 100% by the end of 2022. Our Bridal collection is 100% sustainable, all fabrics used are recycled or organic and it is entirely made in London, from design to finished dress. We are committed to doing better and are a founding member of the Sustainability Fashion Accelerator with leading authority, The Trampery.