7 tips for planning the perfect micro-wedding

7 tips for planning the perfect micro-wedding

Phew, what a crazy year it's been. With big wedding plans made nigh-on impossible due to limited guest numbers, there is a new wave of lovebirds opting to tie the knot with a very intimate, very romantic, micro-wedding. And although it may not have been the original plan, there is no reason why it can't be just as beautiful, and most importantly, just as special. Not only does a smaller wedding allow you to cherish the time with your nearest and dearest, but it really does focus on what you are all ultimately there for - each other.

Here are our top tips on how to throw the perfect micro-wedding...


1. Don't let numbers get in the way of a smashing colour line-up


There is no reason why a small wedding should mean a less impactful wedding. Some of our favourite bridesmaids colour combo's have appeared recently and we would encourage you to go bold with your choices - it's your wedding day after all! Grace and her bridesmaids certainly didn't disappoint with their inspirational colour palette of rust satin, chianti, forest and blackcurrant crepe.


Grace's girls wear Blackcurrant Soho jumpsuit, Chianti Brooklyn dress, Forest Ibiza dress and Rust satin Brooklyn dress. Photography by @redonblondephotography


2. Simplicity is key


Why not opt for a chic, elegant and understated bridal look that is a little easier on the purse-strings? Enter, our Ivory collection. Or just say hell to the rule book and wear a coloured wedding dress!


Victoria wears our Ivory Florence dress. Photography by @hannahjuliaphotos



3. It's all about the food and wine 


If you are planning a smaller wedding then you can make much more of a big deal over the food and wine, including more courses and spending longer at the wedding breakfast. Maybe it's time you took the opportunity to book that fabulous tasting menu for you and your guests, of course, paired with matching wines.


Photography @theshannons.photography


4. Go BIG on the flowers


Just because there are fewer guests than originally planned, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your vision of how the day was going to look. Floral arches, big bouquets and added touches go along way to making the day.


Bottom right, bridesmaid wears Chianti Brooklyn dress. Photography by @redonblondephotography


5. Get his and hers masks


Poke a bit of fun at COVID and get some shots wearing his and hers masks, you can look back and remember the difficult time that you survived through together.



Photography by @lexflemingphoto


7. Include your loved-ones


Having recently attended a micro-wedding that was live streamed via Facebook to 100 absent guests, Rewritten can vouch for the success of this personally. Not only did it mean that everyone felt super involved in such an awesome day, but it also meant that the bride and groom had a video of their ceremony to watch the following day. Oh and it's great fun to ask your guests to dress up at home and send you pictures of them watching.


Miles and Beccy's girls wear Chianti Soho jumpsuit, Florence dress and Mykonos dress. Photography by @andrew.brannan.photo


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