Our guide to petite/tall bridesmaids dress shopping

Our guide to petite/tall bridesmaids dress shopping
As you know, here at Rewritten, we are huge advocates of mix & matching amongst your bridesmaids. The most important reason is so that all of your bridesmaids are comfortable, and are in a dress they will want to wear again! You can wear any of our styles no matter what shape or size you are, but we do have a few styles which are perfect for the more petite girls amongst us, and others which are perfect for if you are on the taller side.
Here are our suggestions and top tips on finding the perfect bridesmaids style for you!


We know that being petite can be a pain when it comes to finding a dress which isn't going to swamp you, or leave you with excess fabric dragging on the floor. Luckily for you, we have many different styles which sit at different lengths and a good few of them are perfect for being on the smaller side. Our go-to styles would be the Florence or Florence Waterfall dress (our satin Florence style has a waterfall hem). The Florence Waterfall typically sits a bit shorter as the waterfall hem means its shorter at the front than at the back. Our Florence dress which comes in all our crepe colours is one length all the way around at the bottom and usually sits ankle length, but will still work perfectly for petite girls as the hem will just float over the top of your feet.
TOP TIP - If you wanted to go for a different style of ours, you can easily have any style shortened by a tailor to make it the perfect length for you. 
Left: Rose Pink Florence Waterfall dresses on 2 girls of different heights
Middle: Burnt Orange Satin Brooklyn dress shortened to a midi length
Right: Burnt Orange Satin Brooklyn & Vienna Dress in Oyster (both far right) which have been shortened to midi lengths


If you're on the taller side and you're looking for a dress which will sit on/close to the floor, we have a few styles which would be perfect for you! If you're between 5'8" and 6' or over, our Seville dress would be the best style for you. The Seville has a very full skirt, which means in generally comes up a little longer than the other styles. Another option which works for taller girls is the Berlin. The Berlin has tie shoulder straps which means if you have a longer torso, you can loosen them a bit which will make the length slightly longer.
If you don't mind the dress being more midi length, our Florence and Florence Waterfall dresses again work well for you taller girls.
TOP TIP - Our Brooklyn dress works really well as a midi if it comes up short on you, or if your looking for the dress to be longer, just size up! Our Brooklyn is cut on the bias which means the bigger the size, the longer the dress.
Left & Middle: Our Brooklyn dress on 2 models who are different heights
Right: Our full skirt Seville dress in Bluebell

Dressing a bump?

Looking for a maternity bridesmaids dress or need a dress which you can easily breastfeed whilst wearing? Check out our blog here on how to style your bump.
Still would rather try on before you buy? Book a trying on appointment here

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